Sunday, 27 January 2013

To Express Your Love

To express your love you don't have to verbally propose always, sometimes a red rose is more than enough to express your inner feelings.

Brown Shrike (Kajol Pakhi)

           I came to know about this bird from a wildlife magazine this year only. Though it seems to be a local bird, but Brown Shrike is an migratory bird. It may be of different types, but the sizes are more or less same.
           I snapped it at Satragachi Jheel, Howrah on my this years photo shoot. It was staring at the garbage beside the lake for its food. It gave me a good pose and time also.


Monday, 21 January 2013


White Breasted Kingfisher

The Squirrel's Story

             Normally these guys are very notorious in nature. I wonder from where they get so much energy. They must take some kind of natural Glucon D or something. Hope I had that drinks.
             In a photography outing this winter I found this squirrel resting on a branch of tree. I guess as this year's winter in quite a bit freezing this squirrel is making itself comfortable on the sun heat. Without loosing the chance I took few clear shots I had ever taken of any squirrel. You can see the sharp details of its fur.

Bronze Winged Jacana

Bronze Winged Jacana 

Local Name: Jal Pipi